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How to Reserve?

1. Contact Us

Coordinate with us to know what particular units are available in your chosen project. Some projects have very limited available units especially those units that are ready for occupancy (RFO) and fast selling projects.

2. Select & Hold

Once you’ve chosen a unit, the said unit has to be put on hold by us thru SMDC’s Online Sales Inventory Portal. We will forward to you proof that the chosen unit was successfully put on hold. The unit will be temporarily put on hold for 3-5 days only. The proof of reservation fee and signed documents should be submitted on or before the expiration of the holding period.

3. Reserve the Unit

Modes of payment for Philippine-based buyer/s

Cash, Check or Credit card

Bills Payment

Modes of payment for overseas-based buyer/s

Bills Payment

Bank Remittance (Kindly add PhP 1,000 for bank to bank processing fee)

Kindly use the details below when making your payment.

SM Development Corporation (SMDC)

Bank and Branch: Banco De Oro – One Ecom Center, Mall of Asia

Account Number: 006280113247
Swift Bank Identifier Code: BNORPHMM
Institution Code: 0226

Note: For Air, Berkeley, Bloom, Blue, Breeze, Charm, Coast, Cool Suites, Fame, Fern, Field, Glam, Grace, Grass, Hill, Jazz, Light, Lush, Mezza, Mint, MPlace, Princeton, Red, S, Sea, Shell, Shine, Shore, Shore2, Shore3, Spring, Sun, Vine and Wind Residences.

Vancouver Lands, Inc. (VLI)

Account Number: BDO Savings 006280271942

Note: For Trees, Green 2 and Park Residences only

Institution Code : 0401

Twenty Two Forty One Properties, Inc. (2241)

Account Number: BDO Savings 006280105244

Note: For Green 1 Residences only.

SM Prime Holdings, Inc.

Note: For South, Cheer and Hope Residences only.

Go to BDO remittance partners that can transact bills payment and use RQ

Institution Code : 0482

Springtown Development Corporation

Note: For Leaf Residences only.

Institution Code : 0634

102 E Delos Santos Realty Co. Inc,

Account Number: BDO Savings 006280418935

Institution Code : 0731

Note: For Light 2 Residences only.

Summerspring Development Corporation

Account Number: BDO Savings 006280511579

Institution Code : 0640

Note: For Gold Residences only.

Metro South Davao Property Corporation

Account Number: BDO Savings 006280424269

Institution Code : 0641

Note: For Lane Residences only.

4. Filled up Form

Click & download the <RESERVATION FORMS:>. Print all Documents. Scan 2 valid government issued ID (for both spouses and co-buyers), Scanned Proof of payment.

All documents must be signed, scanned, and sent to my email at


Welcome to SMDC



  1. Two(2) Valid government I.Ds with signature
  2. Income Tax Return (if applicable)
  3. Signed Reservation Agreement (forms to be provided)
  4. TIN number (if applicable)
  5. Reservation Fee (Php 25,000)


  1. Two(2) Valid government I.Ds with signature
  2. Company contract with compensation (if applicable)
  3. Scanned and signed Reservation Agreement (download forms)
  4. Tin number (if applicable)
  5. Reservation Fee (Php 25,000)
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